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Marketing Support

Finally receive the proper backing and support of a hosting company that really gets what your priorities are as a marketing or web dev agency.

Development Support

We're not developers, but we can certainly tell you where your client's websites are hurting. Any issues just get in touch and we'll give you a hand to get it sorted out.

Diamond Grade Hosting

Never compromisee the impact of your marketing work through lost conversions due to sub-standard hosting. We NEVER oversubscribe our servers and performance is always our priority.

Fully Managed. Uncompromised Service Quality.

Our website onboarding ensure your clients sites run fast, efficiently and securely. Take make sure to get it done right the first time, to help protect against any risks or issues down the track.

Our hosting platform is fully managed to keep services performing optimally. Server load levels are closely monitored with hosting servers scaled up and outward as we onboard new clients to ensure that service quality and speed are never compromised.

We often performance test client sites as we migrate them into our service, and can proudly state that our service out-performs many major hosting providers.

Server Load

"I own a web development studio and I have tried dozens of different hosts. We only use Black Label Hosting now…. for all our website builds! ..and it’s the best hosting decision we have ever made. Let me explain why you can, and should put your trust in Black Label Hosting for your website… if you put your website on a hundred different hosting providers - Sia and the Black Label Hosting team are the ONLY ones who actually performance tune your website and code - optimising images, caching, security hardening, SSL, etc. They do all the standard hosting stuff do, backups, monitoring, etc… but what makes them unique is that every single site that goes onto their servers performs better than anywhere else you could host it… and there are statistics to support a faster site means a lower bounce rate.. and therefore, higher conversions. You will make money by using their services. The words I’ve written here do not do justice - give them a go."

- David Spicer. CEO and Founder, StackdDesign

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The Perfect Balance of Performance and Reliability

Our hosting platform is powered by high-specification virtual servers through Amazon's highly-available ec2 technology. DNS and Network services are also highly available and FAST, ensuring that our infrastructure is as performant as possible to support our webhosting workloads.

We also leverage the latest in memory and storage caching technologies through our LiteSpeed web services and CloudFlare content distribution network. Sites are also tuned with compression and caching enabled to maximise performance while keeping our servers operating as efficiently as possible.