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The majority of your customers are on social media, using it to connect with their acquaintances, co-workers, and family. Many also use it to stay updated on their favourite brands. Businesses that manage to tap into this network, and get in front of their target market, will find that social media offers immense value. Are you part of the global conversation yet?

As one of Brisbane’s leading providers of social media marketing services, lMASEO offers a complete solution for brands that want to become more prominent on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. We have the expertise to boost awareness and create substantial growth for your business.

Optimised Content and Delivery

IMASEO conducts extensive research on your industry and target market, which allows us to come up with a personalised strategy for optimum performance. Whether it is an infographic or a text-based post, we create the content that your audience loves to see and share. Knowing that every company is different, we also make sure to match your brand’s preferred voice and style.

Great content is meaningless without proper delivery, however, which is why we carefully time our posts for maximum exposure. Part of our social media marketing services includes analysing engagement patterns to determine when your audience is most active. This ensures that we get the most out of every post.

Social Advertising and Promotional Campaigns

The correct usage of paid advertisements on social media platforms will create a significant increase in traffic. Our team can make sure that your ads are targeted towards the perfect audience and deliver a positive return on your investment. This is especially useful during the early stages of a campaign, industry peak seasons, and when your brand is holding a contest or major sale.

Building a Community of Fans

When we work on a social media campaign, we don’t just focus on the numbers and metrics. Getting a large number of followers and making sure our posts reach the widest possible audience is important, but this is not enough. Our goal is to create a passionate, active community of fans to advocate for your brand; in other words, we will focus on activities and content that boost engagement, encouraging customers to share their thoughts and experiences.

If you have been struggling with getting results on social media, our team has the solution. IMASEO’s social media marketing services can give you the online success you need. Get in touch with us today, and let us talk about your goals.

Connecting your Business, with your Customers.

What is the Value of one Person’s Recommendation

of another Person’s Business?

… this is the Power of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media marketing services take the headache and overheads away from your business in monitoring and maintaining your business’ social media profiles. Our SMM specialists take the time to properly research and post articles of interest to your target market, then carefully intersperse promotional materials in such a way that your business will quickly attract and build loyal followers.

All campaigns include both paid advertising as well as community engagement posts designed to maximise the impact of our promotional efforts.

Reputation Management

While the viral marketing reach of social media can be extremely powerful towards gaining vast amounts of campaign exposure quickly, likewise neglected social media profiles can also become extremely damaging to organisations if customers are left ignored or neglected.

As part of the work we do in managing your social media profiles, we’ll also monitor and respond to customer feedback before it grows out of control.

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