Nurture Prospective Clients through AdWords Remarketing

By January 7, 2016Services

remarketing-diagramMost people who want to buy something go through several steps before making a purchase. First, they visit a variety of websites to do some research. They check out your product or service, but they also evaluate your competition’s offerings. Then they narrow down their options. Now they have a list of what they would realistically consider purchasing. Eventually, they add the product or service to the shopping cart. The final step is to actually make the purchase.

What happens to all of the people who got lost somewhere along the way? At any point during the researching and purchasing process, people might decide it’s not the right time to buy or they’re too overwhelmed to make a decision right now, so they don’t make a decision at all. Some purchasers may just get sidetracked and forget all about it.

The Importance of Repeat Visibility

If you can stay in front of those visitors and remind them that you’re still around, you’ll be the first company they think of when they are ready to purchase. In fact, if you continue to hold a presence in their minds, they may consider you above the competition for the simple reason that no one else kept their attention.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing allows companies to stay visible to those potential purchasers. Remarketing lets you tag web pages that relate to categories you’re trying to advertise. Then you can design an AdWords campaign to display related ads to visitors who have accessed these pages as they peruse other websites on the Google Display Network.

Remarketing is an effective strategy to maintain audience engagement. Offering them highly relevant content and offers when they’re just surfing the Web ensures your company is still relevant when they’re ready to make a purchase. This can improve your ROI significantly compared to cold marketing.

Remarketing with Google AdWords

Google AdWords Remarketing technology allows you to reacquire the attention of lost website visitors through carefully placed advertisements across the Google Display Network. This will help you not only develop brand recognition, but also reinforce it. Remarketing works to nurture lost visitors back into your sales funnel and ultimately into initiating contact with your business.

Remarketing coordinates people with the right message for them. Do you want to increase your conversions even more? Combine other targeting approaches, like interest groups and keyword campaigns. Promoting your diaper company to a group of college students in their mid-20s isn’t going to be as effective as advertising to parents of newborns and expecting mothers. With additional targeting methods, you can present your specific potential customers with a product or service they’re likely to purchase.

Using Google AdWords for your remarketing campaigns is straightforward and flexible. The Google Display Network is huge and allows you to reach most of the people on your remarketing lists as often as you’d like. Stay in front of them several times a day or limit it to a few times a week or a couple of times a month. You can effortlessly generate list combinations to access your target customer. The exclusive technology available through Google AdWords lets you target future customers with maximum accuracy.


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